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The DPL Advantage


 we cut the initial sampling cost by 75% compared to overseas development

We cut initial sampling costs by 75%
compared to overseas development.


 we offer 50% shorter leadtime compared to overseas development 

We offer 50% shorter lead time
compared to overseas development.


 we work with local facilities and artisans of new york to achieve efficient communication and flexibility 

We remain flexible and responsive by
working with local facilities and artisans in NYC.

Prototyping & Technology

It’s important for traditional designers, and these new technologists, to get together and collaborate with each other from the beginning.
— Bob Bland, CEO Manufacture NY

How We Work

Your Vision

Start the project by sending us your concept sketches and references on our intuitive techpack template.

3D Rendering

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We'll turn your design into printable 3D model. Review and approve 360° rendering of the prototype.

3D Printing

Once approved, your design is 3D printed. See and feel your concept as a solid form in your hand. 

Showroom Sample


Choose from offered materials and finishes to further enhance your vision for the showroom. 


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